Modular Flooring

Our Galvanised Steel flooring modules can be made to suit any footprint and are compatible with all types of anchoring systems. They are well-suited to sloping gradients and can be quickly assembled to create a termite proof platform with your choice of sub-flooring. Our robust floor modules are made-to-order and shipped direct to your site from our national manufacturing facility.


Quick installation – The flooring for a standard domestic residence can be typically assembled in two (2) days. This will save you time, labour and cost.

Utilities Access – The installation, maintenance and modification of utilities (e.g. water and sewerage) is much simpler using through raised floor access. Again, this equates to savings in time, labour and cost.

Technical Access – The routing and re-routing of electrical and data cabling is also made relatively easy within our modular flooring system.

Re-modelling – The modification of plumbing fixtures are made simple using our raised modular flooring system. Undertaking such a process with a conventional concrete slab is onerous and requires extensive physical labour and cost.

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