Insulated Building and Cladding Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Cladding are high performance building materials used for residential and commercial construction. At Nu-Tek Building Systems our panels consist of an insulating polyisocyanurate (PIR) core sandwiched between two facings (typically Magnesium Board, Timber or Steel).

At Nu-Tek Building Systems our SIPs and Cladding are manufactured under factory controlled conditions in Monarto, South Australia. They can be produced to fit most buildings and designs. The result is an innovative building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. Building with Nu-Tek Building Systems will save you time, money and labour.

Our panels are certified, compliant and guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality assurance (ISO-9001).

Australian designed and manufactured, our panels come in a variety of profiles and finishes. They are extremely resistant to fire, water and termites. Nu-Tek panels also have outstanding thermal & acoustic insulation properties making them your material of choice for residential or commercial construction.

Structural Load Bearing Panel

Standard Width of 1.2m , available in a range of finishes

Roofing Panel

1m wide 0.6mm steel skim (Trapazoidal external profile with flat internal) in a range of colours

Non Structural Panel

Ranging from 1m to 1.2m wide and 40mm to 100mm thick in a range of finishes.
A popular and versatile choice of finish is magnesium (MgO) board, which is an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic building material that is fire and termite resistant, and provides both strength and insulation.


Please download the Product Information Brochure and Technical Information Brochure for more details.

Product Summary

ProductNominal ThicknessSkinR Value
40mm Non Structural40mm0.6 Flat Steel2.0
50mm Non Structural50mm0.6 Flat Steel2.4
75mm Non Structural75mm0.6 Flat Steel3.5
100mm Non Structural100mm0.6 Flat Steel4.5
115mm Non Structural115mmMgO4.2
110mm Non Structural112mm Superstrand OSB4.5
115mm Structural115mmMgO4.2
100mm Trapezoid Roof100mm0.6 Profile and Flat Steel4.5

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