Housing System

Suited to a wide range of applications – including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, our high-performance structural load-bearing insulated wall panels are an integral component of our high performance building system.

Although light in weight, our structural panels are uniquely engineered with an innovative interlocking steel stud system that provides outstanding axial and lateral strength.

Coupled with specifically designed and engineered building components, our fully integrated system offers short construction times and minimal waste.

Working closely with our Design and Project Management team, we can reduce your construction time by up to 30% (compared to conventional construction techniques).

You have decided to build using the Nu-Tek Building System. So what’s next ?

Now that you understand the benefits of using Nutek products, you will need to consider your budget. With your designs and drawings on hand we recommend you follow the simple estimation process outlined below. In using our calculator we strongly advise you to discuss your requirements with your Builder and / or Architect.

Cost Estimate Calculator : Nu-Tek Building Systems


Step 1 - Walls

Using your floor plan, determine the total lineal meterage of walls both internal and external (length) and enter into the wall calculator.


Step 2 - Walls

Multiply the total length by the height of your walls to determine total square meterage of wall panels required.


Step 3 - Walls

Enter the Sqm value into the Wall Calculator


Step 4 - Roof

From the floor plan, calculate the Sqm for roof area (length x width) – Remember to allow for eaves if there are any.


Step 5 - Roof

Enter the Sqm value into the Roof Calculator


Step 6 - Floor

If your project has been designed to utilise a modular floor, from the floor plan, calculate the Sqm for floor area (length x width)


Step 7 - Floor

Enter the Sqm value into the Floor Calculator

*If a concrete slab is being used, consult your builder for a SqM price.


Our calculator is designed to provide you with an ‘indicative cost estimate only’. For a more detailed price estimate using the Nu-Tek Building System, we recommend you contact one of our skilled Project Management Consultants. We also advise that you consider having your Designs, Development & Finance Approvals at the ready.

Walls Total Linear Metres
Walls Total Sqm
Roof Total Sqm
Floor Total Sqm
Total Approx Cost of Nutek System


Please download the Product Information Brochure and Technical Information Brochure for more details.


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