What is PIR?

PIR, or polyisocyanurate, is a medium-density high-strength foam that has excellent fire resistance and insulation properties. Because of this, we use it as the core of our Nu-Tek panels. This makes it perfect for walls, ceilings and roofs in commercial, industrial and residential settings.

What are the advantages of Nu-Tek panels over other panel systems?

Variety of finishes

Whilst most other wall panel systems offer only steel or aluminium, Nu-Tek panels can be clad in a range of materials according to your needs. We also offer our panels in a magnesium (MgO) board, which is an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic building material that is fire and termite resistant, and provides both strength and insulation.

Off the shelf or made to order

In addition to our standard sizes and lengths, we can make our wall and roof panels to order in whatever length your design requires. This enables unmatched diversity of design and flexibility for your next project.

Australian designed and made

All our panels are designed, developed and exclusively manufactured in Australia, to the highest Australian standards – your guarantee of quality.

World-best technology

Unlike most panels that lose their structural integrity once a door or window is cut, Nu-Tek structural insulated wall panels are capable of load bearing up to 7.1 tonnes even after being altered.  We are one of only two certified manufacturers in the world capable of producing panels of such outstanding structural integrity.

Are Nu-Tek panels costs effective?

Nu-Tek panels offer excellent value for money as a premium construction product. Using Nu-Tek panels offers cost savings through:

  • A significantly reduced construction period – up to 30% faster than conventional construction methods.
  • Less materials used and wasted.
  • No delays due to product supply, inclement weather or waiting for tradesmen to turn up.
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs as Nu-Tek panels have an extremely high energy rating – up to 20-30% in Green-rated buildings.

What range of choices do I have in finishes?

Nu-Tek panels come in a wide variety of profile options and finishes and can be manufactured to custom lengths providing unmatched flexibility in your design options

How friendly are Nu-Tek panels to the environment?

Because Nu-Tek panels are made to order in the factory based on the requirements of the project, all design elements can be incorporated during manufacture which significantly reduces any excess or unwanted material and results in minimal waste. Less materials also means cost savings to the buyer!

Do Nu-Tek panels come with any certification or warranties?

Nu-Tek panels are fully engineered, certified and compliant with the Building Code of Australia. They are fire resistant, termite proof and have excellent noise and thermal ratings.

Our panels are also Australian made with guaranteed quality and long life – tested in the harshest conditions and constructed to be resilient and long lasting. Because of this, we offer a complete warranty with all panels purchased.

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